Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue
Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue mission is to take stray cats off the streets and adopt them into homes. In addition, trap-neuter-return feral or wild cats, and organize people to feed. Last, educate people with regards to cat care, environment enrichment, and importance of spay/neutering.

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Ottawa ON

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  1. please call me, I have s small family of caTS WHO TOOK REFUGE IN THE SMALL SHED BESIDE OUR HOUSE,we have fed them for 6 weeks now and I think that it is time to take them out of street before they get killed or mistreated.
    they are 3 kittens adorable sweet and play full they stay with there mother who is really supervising them Yesterday they jumped the fence and came to me I could take one in my arms for first time now they are not so scare or on their guard I can attract them with food.
    Dr Macintosh from Algonquin hospital; gave me your name I am concern who takes them and if they could stay together even with mom, she is small and like tabi one is beige and white the others white chest and paws rhey are really close to each other. We are elderlies and have already a cat and dog. Younger we would take them,…

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