Loyal Rescue Inc.

Loyal Rescue Inc.
Loyal Rescue Inc.

Loyal Rescue is a foster-based, all-breed dog rescue. All of our dogs are currently living in loving foster homes across Ontario.

Loyal is based in Pickering Ontario, and they have many foster homes and events in the Ottawa area.

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1822 Whites Road Suite 327
Pickering, Ontario

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  1. We live near Ottawa and are so anxious to give a needy pup a forever home. We adopted our beloved little Max (a Bichon)10 years ago from the SPCA but unfortunately he passed away in February. Is there anyway we could adopt from you (we were looking at Blitz, Cinder etc) however we are at least s 6-7 hour drive away. My husband and I are both seniors (60’s) and are home all the time or we bring our little one with us when we go out. Hope to hear back from you.

  2. Hi, I live in Picton, ON and have been looking for a little sweetie to keep me company. My beloved husband of 36 yrs passed away on Jan 4 of this year and i find that I’m so lonely and feel so lost. If I had a little sweet heart to take care of, I would have a purpose again. She will need exercise, good food, the right kind of discipline (never harsh or physical), and so much love, she won’t know what to do with herself. We (my husband and our 3 daughters) have had at least one dog in the house for almost 30 years, only one of which was not a rescue. As a matter of fact, I watched a dog in our Court starve with no fresh water and absolutely no shelter. She was just chained to a cinder block. I went over to the house where she was “living” and asked if we could have her. In the end, we adopted Dixie and she spent her last 11 years being spoiled and loved within an inch of her life. I really miss having the pitter patter of little dog feet clicking on the hard wood floor. Please consider me for a candidate for a small (up to 20-25 lb, adult female dog. How much is the fee to adopt one of these dogs? I was looking at Koongyi. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you

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