Westminster Pet Sanctuary

Westminster Pet Sanctuary
Westminster Pet Sanctuary

Westminster is a dedicated, hard working, registered charity. All of our members and volunteers are unpaid so 100% of every dollar donated goes towards the critter’s care. We do this because all creatures big and small deserve to know what love is and we do not mind showing them!

Unlike some other shelters, our animals are not kept in cages. In order to better socialize them – they live as members of our families either at the Sanctuary or in a foster home. By the time you adopt them they will have had LOTS of contact with not only people, but other cats, dogs, and various other creatures!

We are a 100% “no kill” Sanctuary and will only euthanize a pet if it is in unimaginable pain that can never be recovered from. This is a belief that we do not take lightly. Our Sanctuary has never euthanized an animal due to space limitations, money, illness, or age. If the animal does not find a home it stays with us.

Westminster needs committed MONTHLY donors to keep us going, please we beg of you to help us, in our work with only the wonderful special need animals, give as little as $5 a month, or anything you can afford,EVERY DOLLAR HELPS these special needs animals that need our help or will die

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