Furry Tales Cat Rescue

Furry Tales Cat Rescue
Furry Tales Cat Rescue

Furry Tales is a foster based agency located in Smiths Falls Ontario.
Our primary goal is to assist cats (older and middle aged) who have been displaced, abandoned or at high risk of being euthanized in the Quebec pound system –¬†an antiquated system that sees 75% of all cats intake euthanized within 2 weeks of arrival.

We work diligently to pull these cats to safety within our rescue and co-ordinate with an amazing group of transporters – Freedom Drivers Animal Rescue Transports.

We work in conjunction with other area rescues to ensure the most urgent cases are brought into care.

Rescuing animals is a never ending cycle and only with an amazing group of supporters can we succeed.

We rely on donations for funding as the adoption fees do not cover the total cost of vetting for each cat brought through the rescue.

We also conduct our own fundraisers such as Online Auctions, Pet Adoption Days, raffles and jewelry sales to ensure each cat brought into care is vet treated and brought to maximum health prior to adoption.

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