Dickie’s Cause 4 Paws Kitten Rescue

Dickie’s Cause 4 Paws Kitten Rescue
Dickie’s Cause 4 Paws Kitten Rescue

Dickie’s Cause 4 Paws is a not for profit, NO KILL, volunteer based organization.

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Emily St
Carleton Place, ON

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  1. Was wondering if you have any kittens that are ready to go to a new home. We are looking for a male kitten for our family

  2. Good morning. I was at the Carleton Place street sale last week and was talking to Jenny who suggested I contact you. I am one of these people who will not watch a stray slowly starve so I feed them. As a result I have 3 adults and 2 kittens that have decided to stay. I’m not as concerned about the adults but the 2 kittens are MAYBE 2 months old. They’ve been living under our deck for a month or more and I have never seen either a mother or other siblings. I’m writing you because the Ottawa SPCA will put down any animal that isn’t socialized enough to adopt immediately, and even if they were they’ll still be put down if they aren’t adopted within a certain time. Jenny told me you may have an alternative, or other suggestions that I haven’t thought of. We are using toys to play with them and they are getting more used to us, and because the adults are around, they’re used to other cats. I would like to place them somewhere sooner rather than later, and as kittens, they’re more likely to be adopted. I would very much appreciate any advice you can suggest and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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