Kindred Farm Rescue

Kindred Farm Rescue
Kindred Farm Rescue

Kindred Farm Vision: The provision of a safe, experienced, educated and sufficiently resourced farm facility that provides refuge/sanctuary for equines destined for, or at imminent risk of slaughter, with a view to re-habilitating them sufficiently that they can then be appropriately re-homed, without again ending up at risk of slaughter, abuse or mistreatment.  And, in the event that they prove not to be candidates for successful rehabilitation, to provide an acceptable alternative through humane euthanasia or the provision of life-long sanctuary.

We love each and every one of our horses!  And Tanya has a special love and appreciation of Thoroughbreds.

Some of the horses featured here are ready to be sold, while others may still be in the assessment or rehabilitation stage.  Those that are for sale must go to approved homes with a contract.  References are required.

A pre-purchase vet exam is always recommended.  We will make available all vet records, x-rays (if any) and any history we have or any knowledge of health/behaviour issues.  Our policy is 100% disclosure.  Our priority is appropriate re-homing: A good fit is the most important criteria!  First come, first serve doesn’t work at KF.

Should you purchase a horse and decide that it is not suitable, you can request to return it to KF, but your money will not be refunded because it will already have been spent on other horses.

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