Animals in Need of a New Address

Animals in Need of a New Address
Animals in Need of a New Address

“Animals in Need of a New Address” is an informal group of individuals who got together in 2013 to take dogs out of very bad situations. That year, we placed about 25 companion animals.

We, as volunteers got to know each other very well, so we decided to move on and find a way to help other companion animals in difficult situations. We opted to help individual companion animals from the general public who need to be re-homed and are in difficult situations. Sometimes, we have companion animals under our wings that other rescues will not take because of behavioral or health issues. We usually have at the most 2 -3 companion animals in our care at the same time.

We also provide support to individuals who want to re-home their companion animals themselves. We guide them, ensuring they are aware of all obstacles in placing a companion animal privately. Cats in this area, have no rescue to go to if they are surrendered by their owner. We provide the owners who contact us, with all the support possible in order for them to be able to find a home for their cat(s). e.g. placing 7 cats from the same household in a couple of weeks because the family is loosing their home.

We are also involved in home visits with potential adopters; the transport of companion animals to rescues, the vet, foster persons and adopters’ homes; and providing temporary fosters to people who would otherwise have to surrender their animal because of illness, surgery, family situation, etc.

People also contact us to adopt companion animals. We guide them with the research on breeds, on how to decide which companion animal is best for them considering their lifestyle, we link them to the rescues who may have under their wing the type of companion animal they want to adopt.

We are honest and open with the owners, adopters and fosters. Sometimes we need to lower expectations. Sometimes, we encourage owners to do all they can to keep their companion animal. Sometimes we need to place the animals very quickly.

In 2017, we have reached a milestone 150 companion animals safe just in time for Canada 150th Birthday. Quite a feat considering we are at the most 2 individuals and we place companion animals, one at a time.


Ottawa ON