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Adopt Me! Cat Rescue

Adopt Me! Cat Rescue is a registered charity.  Our small rescue runs completely on charity from people like you. We have caring volunteers who foster and help with fundraising. We do this for our love of animals and the need to make a difference in the lives of these cats and the loving people who adopt them.

All our rescues are vet checked, spayed/neutered (when they are of age), immunized and treated for fleas and ticks before they are placed up for adoption.

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Ottawa ON

All Creatures Great and Small Animal Society and Rescue


Thank you for your interest in one of our cats or kittens!

All of our potential adopters MUST fill out our Adoption Form found online at this is to ensure we make a great match! You must be willing to provide a personal reference, as well as a vet reference.

After you have completed our adoption form, we can make arrangements for you to meet the cats/kittens as well as make arrangements for a home visit if necessary.


All adult cats will have been vaccinated (including boosters if necessary), neutered, spayed, microchipped, de-flea and de-wormed. They will also have received love and attention in their foster home 🙂 The fee to adopt is $180

All kittens under 4 lbs will have been vaccinated (including boosters if necessary), de-flea and de-wormed and microchipped. ALL kittens will be available on a FOSTER WITH A VIEW TO ADOPT basis and will be spayed or neutered by All Creatures when they are 4 lbs or 6 months old, whichever we deem is in the best interest of the kitten. It will be the responsibility of the foster family to make the kitten available for vets appointments, and drop offs/pick ups after spay/neuter in Merrickville. The fee to adopt is $200

All senior cats, older than 7 years will be spayed/neutered, vet checked, vaccinated (including boosters if necessary), de-flea and de-worm, and microchipped. The cost to adopt a senior is $125

Merrickville ON

Animals in Need of a New Address

“Animals in Need of a New Address” is an informal group of individuals who got together in 2013 to take dogs out of very bad situations. That year, we placed about 25 companion animals.

We, as volunteers got to know each other very well, so we decided to move on and find a way to help other companion animals in difficult situations. We opted to help individual companion animals from the general public who need to be re-homed and are in difficult situations. Sometimes, we have companion animals under our wings that other rescues will not take because of behavioral or health issues. We usually have at the most 2 -3 companion animals in our care at the same time.

We also provide support to individuals who want to re-home their companion animals themselves. We guide them, ensuring they are aware of all obstacles in placing a companion animal privately. Cats in this area, have no rescue to go to if they are surrendered by their owner. We provide the owners who contact us, with all the support possible in order for them to be able to find a home for their cat(s). e.g. placing 7 cats from the same household in a couple of weeks because the family is loosing their home.

We are also involved in home visits with potential adopters; the transport of companion animals to rescues, the vet, foster persons and adopters’ homes; and providing temporary fosters to people who would otherwise have to surrender their animal because of illness, surgery, family situation, etc.

People also contact us to adopt companion animals. We guide them with the research on breeds, on how to decide which companion animal is best for them considering their lifestyle, we link them to the rescues who may have under their wing the type of companion animal they want to adopt.

We are honest and open with the owners, adopters and fosters. Sometimes we need to lower expectations. Sometimes, we encourage owners to do all they can to keep their companion animal. Sometimes we need to place the animals very quickly.

In 2017, we have reached a milestone 150 companion animals safe just in time for Canada 150th Birthday. Quite a feat considering we are at the most 2 individuals and we place companion animals, one at a time.


Ottawa ON

Big Sky Ranch

Today, Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary is the only non-kill Sanctuary of its kind in Eastern and Southern Ontario, due to its nature of working with many kinds of animals as opposed to limiting its resources to a limited few. To date, the ranch has helped over 1,800 animals of different kinds and sizes achieve a happy and healthy future through its rehabilitation and adoption programs. Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary resides on 26 acres of land and currently houses over 100 abused and unwanted animals such as horses, ponies, goats, donkeys, turkeys, ducks, geese, roosters, llamas, sheep, cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, cows, buffalo, and emus!

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810 Pelton Road
Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

Calabogie Homeless Cat Caregivers

This is a group of concerned and caring community volunteers trying to help the feral cats in Calabogie by feeding, trapping/spaying/neutering and re-homing these helpless strays.

Calabogie, ON

Cat A Match

Cat A Match prides itself in the care and adoption of mostly cats and some dogs. Prior to adoption all animals are altered, vaccinated & vet checked. Only after they are deemed healthy and assessed for their temperament do we make them available for adoption.

Joanne has an education in Behavior Science (human) and has done ongoing research & studied hands-on feline behavior which is a key factor in the adoption process in choosing the ‘right cat companion’, which is a major reason for abandonment.

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P.O. Box 16
St Eugene, ON K0B 1P0

Cat Rescue Network

Based on Ottawa, Ontario, Cat Rescue Network (CRN) is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization established in 1999.  We are committed to rescuing abandoned and feral cats overlooked by the city’s animal welfare services.  As we do not have a facility, all of the cats we rescue live with volunteers in their homes (foster families) until they are adopted.

Cat Rescue Network’s motto  is to “until there is none, save one”.  We live out this motto by responding to emergency situations and taking in cats off the street.  These cats go directly into foster care, volunteers’ homes, where they begin to receive the love and medical attention they deserve.

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Ottawa ON

Country Cats Sanctuary

Here at “Country Cat Sanctuary” my aim is to find homes for the abandoned cats I rescue. Regardless of how long it takes, I will find each cat a new home with someone who will provide it with loving care and attention for the rest of its natural life.

When I place a cat in your home, I want to ensure that you and your cat will enjoy many happy years to-gether. However, if the adoption dosen’t work out (or if the adopter must give up the cat at any time) “Country Cat Sanctuary” will willingly take the cat back and find another suitable home.

All the cats are wormed, fixed and vaccinated. I know my cats well and guarentee them, if your not happy with your choice I insist you bring the cat back and I will happily return your adoption fee.

There is a small adoption fee for the cats to help cover some of the costs. This also helps me continue to help other cats.

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1416 Limerick Road
Oxford Station, ON

Dickie’s Cause 4 Paws Kitten Rescue

Dickie’s Cause 4 Paws is a not for profit, NO KILL, volunteer based organization.

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Emily St
Carleton Place, ON

Farthing Cat Rescue

Farthing Cat Rescue is based in Almonte ON

Almonte, ON

Free Spirit Cat Rescue

I am a one woman operation on an eight acre property near White Lake. I am compassionate to all animals and have dedicated my time helping the helpless. Any assistance I can get is greatly appreciated, but I would do it anyways. I do go through tons of dry food, so if there is any to spare just message me. I have a dozen or more beautiful babies that are ready for their forever homes.

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White Lake ON

Friends of Abandoned Pets

Who knew in 1992 when Friends of Abandoned Pets was officially established, that 24 years later our volunteers would still be helping cats and dogs in our community.

The amount of volunteer hours over the past 24 years has been staggering – and we’ve done it all: driving to help rescue a cat or dog in a dangerous situation; sitting out overnight with traps, trying to catch kittens, dogs and cats; giving advice related to the well-being of cats and dogs; taking part in major dog rescues; sitting with a traumatized cat or dog for hours and hours; medicating; force feeding; organizing dog walks, bake, book and garage sales and other fundraisers; reuniting lost pets with their owners; placing dogs and cats in permanent homes.

Even in the years when there were limited funds, and there were many of those, we were always able to help, in some way. Our philosophy has always been that while we can’t save every stray or abandoned cat or dog, we can make a difference in the lives of individual cats and dogs. And, we have been true to that philosophy throughout our existence.

We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past 24 years and are looking forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2017.

P.O. Box 67052
Ottawa, ON K2A 4E4

Furry Tales Cat Rescue

Furry Tales is a foster based agency located in Smiths Falls Ontario.
Our primary goal is to assist cats (older and middle aged) who have been displaced, abandoned or at high risk of being euthanized in the Quebec pound system – an antiquated system that sees 75% of all cats intake euthanized within 2 weeks of arrival.

We work diligently to pull these cats to safety within our rescue and co-ordinate with an amazing group of transporters – Freedom Drivers Animal Rescue Transports.

We work in conjunction with other area rescues to ensure the most urgent cases are brought into care.

Rescuing animals is a never ending cycle and only with an amazing group of supporters can we succeed.

We rely on donations for funding as the adoption fees do not cover the total cost of vetting for each cat brought through the rescue.

We also conduct our own fundraisers such as Online Auctions, Pet Adoption Days, raffles and jewelry sales to ensure each cat brought into care is vet treated and brought to maximum health prior to adoption.

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RR 3
Smiths Falls ON K7A 4S4

Hungry & Homeless Cat Rescue (HHCR)

HHCR is an animal rescue organization in Ottawa, Ontario. Our goal is to save injured or found cats and try to find them permanent suitable homes. Medical help is arranged for any cat suffering from injuries or illness. All cats are at temporary foster homes until adopted. We rely on volunteers and donations from kind individuals who care.

(Formerly known as HHWCC – Hungry & Homeless in the World’s Coldest Capital)

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407 Laurier Ave. West
P.O. Box 56012
Ottawa, ON K1R 7Z1

I Am Alive Cat Rescue

I Am Alive Cat Rescue is a not for profit organization in Eastern Ontario, Canada dedicated to saving unwanted cats and kittens and placing them in loving and caring homes. We are committed to saving cats of all ages that would otherwise be senselessly killed for the lack of a loving home. Most of our rescues are pulled from high kill and over populated pounds where they have been slated for certain death through no fault of their own.

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Maitland ON

Kozy Kritters Animal Rescue

Kozy Kritters is a small family run animal rescue who’s aim is to help with the re-homing of various “pocket pets” that other rescues often overlook.  In operation since 2012,  we relocated to Embrun, Ontario 2015 and have focused our efforts towards those animals in need within or near Russell Township.

We recognize that there are times when people are unable to continue to care for their pets, often times due to no fault of their own.  We don’t charge a fee for surrenders or adoptions and we sustain our operation on donations only.  Check out our site, learn more about our operation and feel free to ask questions.  If you feel moved to assist us in our work please visit our gofundme campaign.

Our goal is to find the most suitable environment for each specific pet and we reserve the right to refuse an adoption and/or foster situation. We want our pets to enjoy a forever home and we strive to achieve that through our procedures and policies.

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Embrun ON

Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project – Village Cats

Our Mission: To provide a Trap/Neuter/Release program in Lyndhurst, Ontario resulting in a stabilized stray/feral cat population and to improve living conditions for the cats that can’t be placed into homes through education, partnership and colony support.

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Lyndhurst, ON

Mel’s Farm All Animal Rescue

Mel’s Farm is a ” No Kill” non profit all animal rescue organization in Lanark County and surrounding area.

We are a non-profit all animal rescue organization created by Melanie Young and a network of amazing and supportive friends. Together we rescue animals that have no options left . We are a last resort. We are an only hope. Animals are accepted from Lanark County and surrounding areas regardless of age, health, or temperament. We believe all living creatures should never ever suffer and deserve a chance at a life with love, respect, proper medical care and a full belly at the end of the day. All our rescues are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and then placed in foster homes who will provide a loving environment until they are adopted by their forever family.

If interested in adopting an animal please fill out adoption application located here.  After your application is reviewed you will be contacted by Mel’s Farm to set up a time at which you can visit the animal in their foster home.

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Lanark ON

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue mission is to take stray cats off the streets and adopt them into homes. In addition, trap-neuter-return feral or wild cats, and organize people to feed. Last, educate people with regards to cat care, environment enrichment, and importance of spay/neutering.

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Ottawa ON

Save a Pet Foundation

Save a pet foundation is run by the Chelsea feral colony TNR program. All kittens/cats that we are able to socialize are put up for adoption. We ensure they are healthy and litter trained before they go to their forever homes. The adoption fee covers their vaccinations, de-worming and spayed/neutering charges. Their health is guaranteed until they have have been spayed or neutered.

To view adoptable cats & kittens, and for contact details, visit their Facebook page


Chelsea, QC

Second Hand Mommies Kitten Rescue
A family owned nonprofit kitten rescue, we rehabilitate them in our home and they live with us until they are adopted. Our cats never see a cage of any kind, unless they are being transported. 
We don’t place boundaries on where we travel, we go where needed so that cases are covered in a wider area.
Adoption fees will vary for the cats as their medical requirements can vary.

To view adoptable kittens & cats, visit their Facebook page


Lesa Belaire
Eganville, ON K0J 1T0

The Avery Foundation

The Avery Foundation was founded in November of 2013. We are a foster-based not-for-profit organization that is entirely run by volunteers. TAF is a small group of animal advocates located in Ottawa, Canada that contribute to changing the lives of animals in need. Our goal is to save the helpless, voiceless and the animals most in need and find them forever homes through our thorough adoption process.

We are focused on raising funds through events and fundraisers to help with medical costs and for the effort to domesticate, feed and house our rescues, in order to save as many lives as possible within the Ottawa area.

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Ottawa ON

Valley Animal Rescue

Valley Animal Rescue is a new volunteer animal rescue organization that is just getting off the ground in the Renfrew area. The backbone of our operation will be a network of committed foster homes that will care for, socialize, and help prepare animals for adoption. Our greatest needs are foster families, funding and volunteers.

To contact and/or inquire about adoptable cats & dogs, visit their Facebook page.

Renfrew ON

Westminster Pet Sanctuary

Westminster is a dedicated, hard working, registered charity. All of our members and volunteers are unpaid so 100% of every dollar donated goes towards the critter’s care. We do this because all creatures big and small deserve to know what love is and we do not mind showing them!

Unlike some other shelters, our animals are not kept in cages. In order to better socialize them – they live as members of our families either at the Sanctuary or in a foster home. By the time you adopt them they will have had LOTS of contact with not only people, but other cats, dogs, and various other creatures!

We are a 100% “no kill” Sanctuary and will only euthanize a pet if it is in unimaginable pain that can never be recovered from. This is a belief that we do not take lightly. Our Sanctuary has never euthanized an animal due to space limitations, money, illness, or age. If the animal does not find a home it stays with us.

Westminster needs committed MONTHLY donors to keep us going, please we beg of you to help us, in our work with only the wonderful special need animals, give as little as $5 a month, or anything you can afford,EVERY DOLLAR HELPS these special needs animals that need our help or will die

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