Reptile Rescues

The backyard conservation fund of Canada (BCFC)

The backyard conservation fund of Canada is a registered non-profit organization whose mandate is two fold.
Firstly, the BCFC exists to help raise and allocate funds to provide educational programming in areas with limited access to it. There are many people who lack access to programming about conservation because of financial state or geographical isolation. The BCFC contracts some of Canada’s top environmental educators to facilitate their programming in theses areas.

Secondly, we help in re homing unwanted pet reptiles. Throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec there are many unwanted pet reptiles that are in need of new loving homes. For a small adoption fee we help to quarantine, rehabilitate (when necessary) and re-home unwanted pet reptiles. There are always several species of reptiles being housed at the BCFC and in need of adoption.

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Ottawa ON

Viola’s Beardies Rescue

Viola’s Beardies Rescue mission is to educate people on proper care of Bearded Dragons. We hope to make the world a better place by saving as many beardies as we can!

If you are looking for a new home for your beardies, we would gladly take them in! No matter the reason or age, contact us or fill out our surrender form online. We are a non-profit house based service (located near Ottawa Ont)

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Ottawa ON