How Adopt A Pet Ottawa Started

Diane Gross-Chenard, Founder/Creator Coco dog Diane Gross Chenard

Why did I create Adopt A Pet Ottawa? Well, for the last few years I spent volunteering for various rescues and the community shelter, I realized that it isn’t all that easy to find out where the rescues are. A frequent topic of conversation with people at charity events, pet stores, browsing the pets for adoption etc., is that it’s “so hard to find a rescue!” and “there aren’t so many pets for adoption!”. That triggered the need to help! I want to help adoptable animals get noticed! Get seen! Get ADOPTED!

I am an animal lover and am passionate about ending animal neglect! My passion for helping homeless animals really kicked off when I got diagnosed with cancer at age 29. All of a sudden, my life was flipped upside down and was no longer able to work. I loved work. I love keeping busy and contributing to society however I can. So, 6 years ago is when I joined the “animal rescue scene”.  Since then, all I want to do is help rescue animals! I have done countless charity events, fostered many cats and dogs, trained and loved every foster and helped find suitable homes, and have made lots of great friends with the same interests. Some people tell me this is “my calling”, that I was meant to help animals.

My recent goal in life was to get a smaller, more affordable home in the country. My hubby and I bought a little home on 4 acres with a creek running through the property, it is a fantastic change from subdivision living! We are finally allowed to live out our farm bird dreams!  The sounds of roosters crowing and geese honking are welcomed 🙂 We live happily under the ruling of 3 cats, Rascal (the old boss), Grizzy (the hunter), and Peanut (the new boss); 2 dogs, Coco the cute and silly Miniature Pinscher x French Bulldog (volunteered for the Brightening Lives Program), and Bruno the bossy Dachshund; and a small flock of chickens, and a few ducks and geese.

If you want to get in touch with me, please email me at dianegrosschenard at gmail. com.

I am financing this website myself, while on a disability income. It would be very nice to partner up with a corporate partner in this website project. Moving forward, it will cost approximately $150/year for the website, plus any other additional advertising and promotional materials to get this directory known and out there. Additionally, if you would like to help maintain this website, or help maintain our Facebook page/group, or help spread the word, please email me.