Where To Start

Adopting a pet takes serious consideration and basic preparation.

Whether you are adopting or purchasing from a breeder, the same considerations apply.

Responsible pet ownership starts with researching!

What is the best suitable pet for your family? And what breed? Different species, breeds and ages require different levels of care and attention, and financial resources than others.

How many years can you commit to caring for a pet? Cats and dogs can live for 7 to 16+ years?  Alternatives to a long term commitment are, adopting a senior pet, or a small pocket pet.

Consider the annual cost of raising your new pet, and ensure you are able to care for emergencies.  Every animal will require money for food, veterinary care, clean shelter and perhaps training for it’s entire life.

It’s imperative to consider the long term plan BEFORE bringing an animal home.   It’s not fair for any animal to have to be rehomed because “the kids lost interest” or ” you simply have no time” or “it grew too big”.

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